No time to try back after a busy signal? Let your phone do the work automatically.

Reject incoming calls if the caller has blocked their information from being shown on your Customer ID display.

Reject all attempts from up to 15 numbers of calling parties by dialing a code and the telephone numbers of calls to be rejected.

Don't miss calls while you're out. Forward your calls to a selected local, long distance or wireless number. You can still make outgoing calls while Call Forwarding is in effect. This feature only lets you activate Call Forwarding and change forwarding numbers from your home or office phone.

There are several types of Call Forwarding available with NT&T. You will have the option to set up permanent forwarding numbers that you want calls to go to when your line is busy and / or you do not answer, and you can also program your own variable numbers for other situations.

Know who is calling before you answer the phone. The Caller ID Name and Number display unit shows the caller's name and number. It also keeps a log of your most recent calls.

See who it is before answering Call Waiting on your special Call Waiting ID display unit.

The phone stops ringing before you reach it. Now you can find out who called, and if you choose, automatically redials the number.

Call Transfer lets you direct a call to any other phone, inside or outside your home or business, or to a wireless phone. With Call Transfer, calls reach the right person, freeing your line for more calls.

Don't miss important calls when you are on the phone. Switch to the second call without losing the first one.

Know who the call is for without picking up the phone. Up to four people at your home or business can have their own distinctive ring. No additional equipment or wiring needed.

Up to four phone numbers are assigned to your business for you to distribute. Each number has its own ring. If you have Call Waiting, the tone is different for each Custom Ringing number as well.

If you have a home office, you can combine an Additional Line with Custom Ringing. This will tell you whether your personal line or business line is ringing without having to interrupt your task.

Many businesses have customers or suppliers who need priority attention. A unique ring identifies those callers before you answer.

Choose the specific callers you want to forward to a local, long distance or wireless number. Use it only for those calls you do not want to miss.

Hunting automatically routes incoming calls through a group of predefined numbers until an open line is available to complete the call. This is programmed through NT&T Communications.

Dial your most important and frequently called number with a simple two-digit code.

Dial your most important and frequently called numbers with a simple one-digit code.

Talk to two people in separate locations at the same time. This great feature brings up to three people together to a "virtual conference table". Three Way Conferencing can connect both local and long distance calls.
To connect a second party to your current call
1. Press the switchhook or to put the first person on hold.
2. When you hear a normal dial tone, call the second person.
3. Press the switchhook or again to connect all three of you.
4. If the second person does not answer, press the switchhook twice to cancel and continue talking to the first person.
5. To hang up the second call, press the switchhook or again. The original call ends when the first person hangs up.

Restrict calls to "976, 900 and 960" fee calls. For no charge NT&T will set a restriction on these numbers.

Restrict collect and third party calls. Select this feature and collect and third party calls will not be accepted.

Need extra listings in the directories? Call us and we will make the changes in the directories. A fee will apply.

Let us know if you would like your phone number unlisted. A fee will apply.

Inside Wire Maintenance (IWM) is an optional phone program that covers the telephone wiring and jacks inside your home in case of damage. If you have IWM on your home phone account and an inside repair issue should arise you would then not be charged for service calls to repair your home’s inside wiring or jacks.

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