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Nebraska Technology & Telecommunications Inc. (NT&T) can offer the same services as your current telephone company at competitive pricing. We can do all this without changing the phone number, dial tone or connectivity because the phone lines stay exactly the same. NT&T does not charge any service charges or fees to switch your existing service to our services.


  • As low as $36.00* a month
  • Add features & voicemail
  • Bundle with internet service
  • Long distance plans

*Additional charges include extended area, as well as, taxes, regulatory fees, surcharges and other fees.


  • As low as $50.00 a month
  • Stand alone internet plans
  • High speed up to 940Mbps
  • Installation Service

**Speed is subject to the qualification completed at each specific address.

NT&T offers the following business services:

  • Local service, E911, directory assistance and operator services
  • Long distance service
  • Toll free services
  • Simplified billing
  • Superior, front line customer service

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